Artist Highlight: Amber Goldhammer

Artist Highlight: Amber Goldhammer

The Studio 74 Gallery Official Launch Party showcased a range of work from acclaimed National & International Artists. This article’s artist highlight is the vibrant Amber Goldhammer.

California’s Feel-Good Pop Art

Amber Goldhammer is fast becoming California’s most feel-good pop artist with her vivid fusions of abstract art and graffiti. Inspirational words of love, hope and positivity give her work a universal appeal. However, attuned to the zeitgeist, she tempers the gentleness of her language with the edginess of a street artist.

Vigour & Spontaneity

Amber lays the foundation for each piece with multiple layers of vibrant colour. Each colour is characterised by unique drips and blocks of paint created with sweeping gestural movements. The vigour and spontaneity of her approach creates an exuberant base. It is then ready for the addition of the empowering and positive words she uses to articulate her uplifting message.

Celestial Prophecy

Amber Goldhammer - Celestial Prophecy

Amber Goldhammer’s Collectors

Goldhammer’s joyful signature style has had a powerful response from collectors across the US. Several large hotel groups have recognised her magical gift of evoking calm. Her art is a permanent fixture in all 74 hotel rooms at Hotel Wilshire in Los Angeles. As well as in hotels such as Kimpton Epic Hotel, Miami and Kimpton Shinjuku Hotel, Tokyo.

The Strat Hotel

The STRAT Hotel, Casino and Skypod in Las Vegas has a permanent Goldhammer exhibition. Her work is exhibited on the entire circular floor 109 stories up. As guests enter, they are embraced by the warmth and colour of her work, and the tallest observation tower in the United States. It is a place to both look out at the distant horizon and to look in and reflect on one’s own emotions.

Hollywood & Paris

In Hollywood, Casting Networks have branded their HQ and eight of their international locations with her art. In 2021, she collaborated with powerhouse Paris fashion brand, Isabel Marant to create a special edition runway line. 

Her artworks have been displayed on TV series including Million Dollar Listing, Crazy Ex- Girlfriend, Scandal and GLOW. As well as HBO’s Silicon Valley and Disney’s Lizzie McGuire. Notable collectors include billionaire businessman Graeme Hart, Actor Katie Lowes, businesswoman and reality TV star Farrah Brittany. As well as comedian Kevin Hart, and world-renowned animator Peter Dodd.

View Amber Goldhammer’s Artwork

Amber's artwork is currently on display at our Bristol based art gallery. If you'd be interested in seeing her work in person feel free to contact us using the information below. We can provide private viewings for interested parties. We also sell Amber's full collection through our website.

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