Looking to collect art on a budget?

Looking to collect art on a budget?

Art is for all. Art is a subject we can all have an opinion on or taste in. Therefore, it is a luxury we should all feel we could be able to own. Understandably, the nature of art is that it is expensive, and the price can vary depending on the medium or artist. 

However, in the modern world truly how expensive is a work of art? Historically art has been for aristocrats, royalty and associated with society elites. Times have changed and life is more relative.

In fact, a wonderful work of art you can be proud to own can be as much as a new PlayStation or a second TV!

Our guide to starting an art collection on a budget

So how can you collect art and not feel as if you are spending a large sum?

Interest free finance payments

Much like your sofa or a new kitchen you can buy art in instalments over 6 months to a year. With as little as paying 10% deposit and the rest split. No extra cost or worry. This is a great way to start an art collection you love, adding luxury to your interiors and bringing your personality into your home.

For more information on art loans get in contact with us.

Set up a fund with a gallery

Some galleries, such as ourselves here at Studio 74, offer a gallery membership. Where you can pay anywhere from £20 per month straight into your art ‘pot’ which accumulates over time to go towards or fully buy a work of art.

To set up your own art pot, contact our team. We work closely with credit and banking agencies to secure your finances to help you purchase your next pieces of art.

Trade your artworks

Buying sought after limited editions prints is a good place to start. Limited Editions are not as expensive as original art and can start from £300.00 Limited Edition art is when there are multiple of the same image printed and collected. If you purchase the right edition(s) which have a huge demand, once sold-out people tend to pay a premium on these works. Therefore, you can use your profit towards the next artworks and so on. 

Why invest in art?

Investing in art is something which has gone on for decades and has proven to be extremely profitable, outperforming the S&P500 for years on end. In fact, blue chip art has beaten the S&P500by over 250%, but why has investing in art been so good and so successful over the past 10 years? In this article we’ll look to explore why investing in art is a good idea and how you can do it. 

Read our full article on why you should consider investing in art.

Buy art from upcoming artists

There are so many reasons to buy art from emerging artists, from the potential of huge financial returns to helping promote change in the art world. However, one of the main reasons is the affordability for their works of art. They're typically easier and more affordable to own as their demand hasn't risen beyond supply. However, we'd always recommend buying art based on your taste, rather than the financial incentive, as prices can always up and go down. 

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Rounding up how you can become a budget art collector

In summary, art feel like a large purchase and not tangible for many, due to our historical preconceptions of what art means and costs. The reality is that art is very accessible and in our modern world is not as expensive as it may seem. As always a good art gallery relationship and advice will always be helpful in your journey through the art market in your goal of collecting artworks.

Working with Studio 74

Our goal here at Studio 74 is to match you up with your perfect piece of fine art. Finding art that you fall in love with and is within your budget. For more information on our range of artists, view our artists collection page here.

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