Pictured above: Original artwork created by Nick Holdsworth exclusively for Studio 74

About Studio 74

Born in the creative hub of Bristol, a city rich with culture and an abundance of forward-thinking creatives. Studio 74 is set to reflect the heart of the city and bring fresh perspectives into the arts industry. Ellena Norman (Director) is bringing a new gallery space to the already diverse city, aiming to enrich the community with a welcoming gallery suited to everyone. Studio 74 showcases how rewarding and accessible collecting art can be.

Starting with the gallery itself, which has been curated to feel 'like home', stepping far away from plain white walls and minimalist décor into a decadent vibrant space. Studio 74 brings into the arts industry a new concept of how a gallery can be; being just as creative as its artists.

Studio 74 works with leading artists, such as The Connor Brothers, Simon Kenny, Todd White and Craig Alan amongst many others. Constantly looking ahead of the evolving art world, and carefully hand choosing each artist on display, from both emerging and investment names.

The main philosophy of Studio 74 is to go above and beyond, if you’re starting your art journey or looking for a reputable art gallery to trust with your portfolio, Studio 74 aims to provide a service tailored to your needs and always keep you informed with the evolving art world.

From Ellena observing the art industry her entire life, her mission is to create a truly different gallery experience, which is always warm and inspiring but most of all down to earth. Firmly believing in creating a trustworthy space, we aim to ensure every art acquisition is not only going to be your perfect match aesthetically, but also a work which will be a wise investment- the perfect balance of enriching your taste and showcasing sophisticated contemporary art with great potential for investment performance.

Studio 74's chic, contemporary, and sometimes bold style is what attracts an array of collectors from around the world. A gallery always able to offer a new fresh perspective, whilst following intuition, passion and not being afraid to break the norms. Studio 74 embraces any need in the creative sphere, from collaborating with business or designers to of course providing our VIP art advisory service to all clientele. Passion and knowledge for the arts industry is what drives the gallery forward, setting the trends and not following them.

The Studio 74 team looks forward to welcoming you!

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