Art and Engineering: Alastair Gibson commissioned for F1

Art and Engineering: Alastair Gibson commissioned for F1

Alastair Gibson is a pioneer of carbon fibre sculpture, a high-tech material that draws on the engineering of Formula 1 cars and lends his sculptures a distinct aesthetic that combines sleek, modern lines with a sense of speed and precision.

Grand Prix commission 

Gibson’s innovation and skill has attracted art collectors and clients from across the world. In fact, extremely exciting news has just been shared that Alastair Gibson has been commissioned to design and produce this year’s British Grand Prix trophy. All four of the podium trophies will be showcased at the Silverstone racetrack on the 7th July for the prestigious event.

Gulf Porsche collection

As a British sculptor exhibiting within the gallery collection of Studio 74, Alastair Gibson's unique carbon sculptures can be seen as embodiments of the modern age: they capture the essence of dynamism and precision in technological advancements while evoking the importance of harmony and sustainability with the natural world. 

 Our beautiful Planet / Blue-44                          God Save the African Queen 

The surface of his sculptures are curved and highly polished, creating an appearance of fluidity and dynamism. Likewise, the colours he used are often dark tones of grey with vibrant pops of bold red and blues.

‘Art is seeing the conscious use of skill and creative imagination" - Gibson

Having grown up in South Africa near Johannesburg, Gibson was inspired by the abundant wildlife around him while also being heavily influenced by his father’s passion for the motorsport industry. Following his education, Gibson built an extensive and highly successful career in motor racing, including time spent as a chief mechanic for the BAR Honda Formula 1 team. After retiring in 2008, he is now established for his unique sculptures that stylishly fuse together engineering and fine-art. 

His sculptures often depict marine life and nature, as well as automotive-themed subjects. The representation of organic forms in such a man-made material opens a dialogue between the natural world and the Modern Age of technology. By using recycled and repurposed materials, Gibson's art touches on themes of sustainability and the creative reuse of resources, transforming discarded high-tech components into elegant sculptures. 

J Mako Sculpture, 47" x 15"






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