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Artist Genre

Contemporary and urban mixed media artist Dan Pearce, blends modern day street art with the influences of Warhol and Lichtenstein in a unique controlled explosion of energy, colour and texture. His work varies with the use of graffiti, traditional painting, collage and textured resin, as well as incorporating smashed glass and other unexpected objects.  Each piece is totally unique and well executed, Dan continually surprises us with finding new inventive ways to bend the contemporary art scene.

The latest Limited Edition collection 'DNA' from Dan is a series of artworks which explore his identity. From graffiti, hip-hop, retro tech and street style which have had a lifelong impact on Dan's artwork and are hardwired into his DNA.

Investment Information

Highly Collectible in the UK & International Market. Demand and artwork value increasing yearly as one the most talked about contemporary artists.


He has held successful solo exhibitions around London and at Tramp private members club in Mayfair. Dan’s specially commissioned portrait of Anthony Joshua hangs above the boxing ring at the heavyweight champion’s training camp. His artwork is also collected by a plethora of stars including Ra>g’n’Bone Man, 50Cent and a host of Premiership footballers, making him one of the UK’s most talked about and collectable contemporary artists.

He creates high-octane pieces that turn heads from a distance, then take on a whole new meaning when seen up close.

Dan Pearce Artist History

Dan is based in South East London and is a full time mixed media artists. His background is in Jewellery Design, which was led by his Bachelor of Arts(Hons) at the college of Merseyside. After he finished is degree he moved back to is birth place in Sydney, Australia. He remained in Sydney for the next seven years where he grow his creative skills and gain a new love for urban art.

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Who is Dan Pearce the UK artist?

Dan Pearce is a UK-based artist known for his unique and thought-provoking artwork. With a distinct style and a strong artistic vision, Pearce has gained recognition in the art world and has a growing fan base. In this bio, we delve into who Dan Pearce is as an artist, his artistic process, and his impact on the UK art scene.

Early Life and Inspiration

Born and raised in London, Dan Pearce was exposed to art at a young age. His parents were both artists, and he grew up surrounded by their work. This early exposure sparked his interest in art and he began experimenting with different mediums and techniques. Pearce's artistic vision was heavily influenced by his surroundings, particularly the vibrant and diverse city of London.

Artistic Style and Vision

Pearce's artwork is characterised by bold colours, intricate details, and a mix of abstract and figurative elements. His pieces often explore themes of identity, society, and human emotions. Pearce's artistic vision is to create thought-provoking pieces that challenge the viewer's perspective and evoke emotions.

He aims to create a dialogue between his artwork and the audience. Encouraging them to question and reflect on their own beliefs and experiences.

Artistic Process

Pearce's artistic process is a combination of spontaneity and meticulous planning. He starts with a rough idea or concept and then allows his creativity to take over. He experiments with different techniques and mediums until he finds the perfect balance for his vision.

Pearce also incorporates elements of chance and improvisation in his process, allowing the artwork to evolve organically. This approach results in unique and dynamic pieces that capture the essence of his artistic vision.

Impact on the UK Art Scene

Dan Pearce's artwork has made a significant impact on the UK art scene. His pieces have been featured in numerous exhibitions and galleries across the country. Gaining critical acclaim and attracting a diverse audience. Pearce's work has also been recognised internationally, with his pieces being displayed in galleries in Europe and the US.

His unique style and thought-provoking themes have made him a prominent figure in the contemporary art world.


Dan Pearce is a talented and influential UK artist with a strong artistic vision and a unique style. His artwork challenges societal norms and encourages viewers to think critically about their surroundings. With a growing fan base and international recognition, Pearce's impact on the UK art scene is undeniable. As he continues to push boundaries and explore new techniques, we can expect to see more groundbreaking and thought-provoking pieces.

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