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Danielle O Connor Akiyama - Artist Information

Genre of Artist

Danielle O'Connor Akiyama is an internationally acclaimed abstract & Landscape Artist. Painting with an uninhibited vigour and freedom, Danielle creates luminous images that vibrate with life, energy and colour.

Whether she is depicting a riotous party of flowers or inviting us to enter a radiant new world of abstraction. Her vibrant palette, loose formal structure and unique vocabulary of signs and symbols make her work both instantly recognisable. It is utterly irresistible.

Artistic Style

Vibrant, contemporary & Japanese-inspired using the masterful technique of Sumi - e giving each piece its own unique story. She also collects minerals including gold, quartz and diamond tailings. Pounding them to create texture in her paints and making her works even more original by “connecting them to the earth”.

Investment Information

Historically seen up to 50% increase value year on year. Please contact the gallery for details.


Highly prized by art collectors and the subject of a major fine art retrospective book entitled 'Illumination'. Awarded the prestigious Master's Seal for outstanding work.


Danielle is available for bespoke commissions depending on studio time. Have your own original painted to work with your requirements. Please speak to us to arrange.

Danielle O Connor Akiyama Biography

Daniella has found international success as a major artist for over 30 years. Based in Toronto, Canada, she spent much of her life traveling throughout the world, taking in inspiration and exhibiting her work. Her work is often described as vibrant and exquisite and has gain acclaim the world over.

Danielle's life

Born 1957 in Toronto Canada, from an early age she enjoyed the small community she lived within. Feeling free and calm in the 22 home community and the warmth of those of her friends and family.

Her family helped provide a strong and artistic environment, with her mother and sisters all painting. Daniella describes her mother as a painter with a courageous paintbrush and a fierce belief - and her creative father was affectionately known as ‘the mad inventor’.

Teenage Years

In her teens Danielle became ill and used traveling as a natural rehabilitation. Her family, in particular her mother encouraged her to have a fearless approach to the creative process. Finding an inner peace through the act of painting.

Her Relationship with Art

With the encouragement and fearless approach Danielle developed an intimate relationship with art. A wonderful quote encapsulates the idea and unexplained areas of her canvases, 'boys and paintings - don't tell them everything'. This quote and the work created beyond the quote allows the observer to add their own personal interpretation to her work.

Telling Stories With Her Brush

The time spent with her mother provided guidance and focus to her direction. The joyful and brilliance of painting allowed her to express herself. Her lifelong habit of travelling gave her deep inspiration, the culmination of expressing herself, focus and inspiration allowed her to tell stories with her brush.

Understanding and Technical Skill

After studying Art Therapy, Danielle commenced a career as an Art therapist using multiple artforms as a direct link to the emotional world – without verbal intellectualization or guarded style. The power of art once again revealed itself to her as clients blossomed and healed.

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