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“It is the paradox of art that artifice is often the best way to depict reality. Fiction the best way to challenge conventional ideas of what we think of as ‘the truth’.

Most people are happy to think that this is the way it is. But it really isn’t. Who knows the truth of anything?”

(Mike Snelle).

About the Artists:

The Connor Brothers, a pseudonym for British artists Mike Snelle and James Golding. They have become synonymous with thought-provoking and satirical artwork that challenges conventional ideas of truth and reality.


Emerging with a backstory as fictional characters emerging from a Californian cult. Their art initially captivated the imagination of the art world. However, they eventually revealed their true identities. Adding another layer of intrigue to their enigmatic personas.


They have a focus on the paradoxes of art and the blurred lines between fiction and reality. The art of The Connor Brothers prompts us to consider that things may not always be what they appear to be. This is especially relevant in today's world, where fake news and social media can distort reality.

Art Style:

The Connor Brothers' art style is a playful twist on the conventions of pulp fiction cover art. Often accompanied by words from renowned poets, cynics, and wits.


Their satirical juxtapositions of cliché and brilliance offer a thought-provoking commentary on modern society. Blending elements of pop art, street art, and traditional painting techniques. Their pieces feature vintage imagery and altered text. Creating a sense of nostalgia while conveying deeper messages about societal issues.

This blend of familiar and subversive elements makes their art both visually appealing and intellectually stimulating.

The Artistic Journey of The Connor Brothers

The Connor Brothers' artistic journey is as unique as their pseudonymous identity. Their work is a blend of classic literary and pop culture elements, often presented with a humorous twist. This unique style has earned them a place in the contemporary art scene.

Challenging Norms

Their art is not just visually appealing. It challenges societal norms and explores themes of truth, fiction, and the nature of reality. This thought-provoking approach has resonated with a wide audience, making their work highly sought after.

The Connor Brothers' Evolving Style

The duo's commitment to their craft is evident in their evolving style. They continue to experiment with different mediums and techniques, ensuring their work remains dynamic and relevant. This dedication to innovation has helped them maintain their popularity among art enthusiasts and collectors.

Commitment to Positive Impact

Despite their success, The Connor Brothers remain grounded. They use their platform to advocate for mental health awareness. As well as demonstrating their commitment to making a positive impact through their art.


The Connor Brothers have achieved widespread recognition and success. Selling-out shows at galleries around the world, including LA, New York, Sydney, Dubai, London, Hong Kong, and Berlin. Featuring in prestigious collections at The Victoria and Albert Museum. As well as the Penguin Collection, and both the Omar Koch and Niarchos Collections.

Record Breaking Auctions

Notably, their pieces have fetched record-breaking prices at auctions. At Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Auction in May 2021, they sold for over £44,000, exceeding the estimate by 300%. Beyond their artistic endeavors, James and Mike align their work with social causes. Including refugee rights and mental health awareness, demonstrating their commitment to using art as a platform for positive change.

Impact on Contemporary Art and Society

The Connor Brothers have made a significant impact on the contemporary art scene. Their unique blend of pop art and literary elements has brought a fresh perspective to the art world. Praised for their works accessibility, resonating with a wide audience beyond traditional art enthusiasts.

Commentary on Society

Their art is not just about aesthetics. It also serves as a commentary on society, often critiquing contemporary norms and media. This has sparked dialogue and debate, demonstrating the power of art to influence societal conversations.

Shaping the Narrative

The duo's work has also been influential in shaping the narrative around contemporary art. Showing that art can be both entertaining and thought-provoking. Challenging the elitism often associated with the art world.

Their influence extends beyond the canvas. Through their art, The Connor Brothers have impacted culture and conversations around art, demonstrating the transformative power of creativity.

Collecting The Connor Brothers: Art Market and Acquisitions

The Connor Brothers' pieces are popular among art collectors and have been a feature in prestigious auction houses. Their pieces often sell out quickly, indicating a high demand for their work. Their market value has seen a steady increase, reflecting their growing popularity and critical acclaim.

Collector Base

They have a dedicated base of collectors who eagerly anticipate their new releases. The duo's popularity has led to numerous sold-out shows and high-profile commissions.

Compelling Story Telling

The Connor Brothers have successfully navigated the art market, balancing commercial success with artistic integrity. Their journey from anonymity to acclaim is a compelling story that adds depth to their artistic persona.

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