Anna Mazzotta: A Celebration of Artistic Achievement

Anna Mazzotta: A Celebration of Artistic Achievement

Anna Mazzotta is not just an artist; she's a storyteller. Every brushstroke, every line, every curve resonates with passion, emotion, and take us into a world of long lost glamour. Just as artisans are reclaiming their place in the world of craft beer and fine dining, Anna Mazzotta envisions a renaissance for pure painting. In an age where mass-produced art dominates, her dedication to traditional techniques and her refusal to succumb to conformist aids stand as a testament to her commitment to genuine artistry. We take a look into Anna’s myriad of achievements and unique style.

Distinctive Style 

Anna describes her style as “pure, humourist and an observer of life – opposite of the generic”. She manages to juxtapose old-world charm with modern-day nuances. Her vivid and sometimes whimsical depictions captivate her audience and transport them into a world uniquely her own. With a resolute refusal to be swept away by trends, her creations shine as beacons of originality, humour, and audacity.

Working from her pure imagination, Anna’s work is completely free hand with no place for digital or tracing elements. Her works catapult audiences into the glamour of the 20s, capturing an impressive spectrum of human emotions that resonates across time and cultures – and as such, these creations have already found their home in esteemed private collections around the globe.


Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood, known for her avant-garde designs and punk-inspired aesthetics, who has consistently challenged conventions and Mazzotta, an artist renowned for her whimsical and imaginative illustrations that never follow trends – the two visionaries go hand in hand.

With these shared similarities, it is with no doubt that Mazzotta was asked to commission pieces for the Worlds End, Kings Road – Westwood & McClaren’s boutique. Her work still hangs there today and going forward, Mazzotta was asked to exhibit at Tramp London, shortly after Westwood’s death.

Mazzotta has gone on to dedicate collections to Westwood, as one of the original anarchists from the punk movement.

Fatboy Slim & Jane Fonda

Anna’s celebrity commissions extend beyond Vivienne Westwood as her work has been recognised and praised by many. Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) has Anna’s work hanging in his Brighton home and has since signed a limited print of the original that has been auctioned for charity. Jane Fonda likewise holds one of Anna’s pieces, a commissioned painting of Jane herself. This was presented to Jane at the London Savoy where she had just been interviewed by Graham Norton.

Shows & Artist Residences

Anna’s highly collectable work has led her to hold a number of solo show’s across the country. Anna’s works can be seen on permanent display at The Pelham Hotel, Kensington, Heera Jewelers in Hatton Garden, N°50 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, The Troubadour, Earls Court, The Saunton Sands Hotel, Devon and The North London Film and Television Studios.

Anna Mazzotta is more than just an artist; she's an institution. Her works not only reflect her true talent but also echo’s the sentiments, aspirations, and dreams of humans. The characters and narratives she creates will often reveal something new at each viewing.

Her latest solo show will be held at Studio 74, on 19th October where the exhibition will focus on The People of Bristol, Movies throughout the decades and the People of Bristol. Please note RSVP is essential for this particular event and if you would like to view her collections pre-show, please get in touch for a show guide.

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