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Why Our Art Gallery is in Bristol

Bristol is a city which celebrates art in all its guises, a city which sets trends with its own unique and bold mindset. Many creatives start their journey here and add to its rich diverse culture. Bristol is a true hub to artists and leading individuals looking to make changes in the industry and world, by not always playing by the rules. Therefore Studio 74 Art Gallery starts its journey here, in a city of artistic trailblazers and courageous mindsets.

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History of Bristol Art & Culture

Bristol, one of the most influential cities in the UK street art scene.

Robert del Naja

It only makes sense to start in the 80s with artist Robert del Naja (aka 3D). 3D was Bristol’s first graffiti artist, using stencils and political messaging as his subject matter. After 2 years of illegal painting, 3D encountered his second arrest with Ian Dark. His arrest came with heavy fines, community service and the threat of prison.

3D’s Last Illegal Street Art

3D cut his losses and moved away from illegal street art. His last work to end his outlaw painting career was a piece featuring Robert de Niro. Specifically his character from the 1978 cult film Deer Hunter. Putting his creativity into other avenues becoming lead vocalist in the unique sound which is Massive Attack.

Bristol Street Art Renaissance

Bristol starts to view street art as an expressive form and a form of rehabilitation. John Nation, the mind behind reforming Barton Hill Youth Club, encouraged young people to use graffiti as a positive outlet. Turning a ‘No Go Zone’ into a creative space for youth to home in on their skills legally. Word spread of this new wave of positive street art attracting artists and creatives from around the world, along with other big street artists from Bristol such as Inkie.

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Bristol & Banksy

From this creative and expressive city, it has inspired many great artists, such as the household name which is Banksy. Banksy sits on the front line of cultural inquisition reconnecting us to issues we are often disconnected from. Using powerful activism and satire without losing impact of the message behind his works, often focussing on displaced people and freedom.

The Start of Banksy

Banksy works came about in the noughties a time of political awakening, the writings were a reflection of the times and had a strong socially engaged approach. The figure head who democratised street art to the world and reconstructed how it behaved. Bristol art culture cannot be spoken about without mention to the trail blazing Banksy.

Find Our Bristol Art Gallery

Find fine art from international, national and local artists at Studio 74. Our Bristol art gallery is located at 74 Whiteladies Rd, Clifton, Bristol BS8 2QA. Contact us for special events, future artists or for more information on our art and artists.