Artist Highlight: Ana Fernández

Artist Highlight: Ana Fernández

“Colours are my travelling partners” - Ana Fernández

Navegar, Original Painting, 60" x 36" (Unframed)


Ana studied at the School of Fine Arts in Valencia, developing her artistic career through her innate appreciation of fine art and architectural composition. The artwork combines her profound understanding of perspective and space with highly creative almost psychedelic portrayals of beautiful natural landscapes. 


Park Life II, Original Painting, 32" x 32" (Unframed)


Ana’s artwork is mixed media, using acrylic, gouache, watercolour and oil paints as well as pen and ink. Her paintings portray innocence and playfulness, incorporating what she visually perceives from the world around her. Ana creates a unique and expressive colour palette for each painting, energetically capturing the spontaneity and beauty in everyday life through her positive lens of the world. 


 Rosa, Original Painting, 47" x 47" (Unframed)
Studio 74 is proud to currently exhibit Ana's original collections, we look forward to welcoming you to view her new series of works at the gallery.

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