Celebrate The Season With Studio 74’s Contemporary Christmas Collection

Celebrate The Season With Studio 74’s Contemporary Christmas Collection

As the festive season approaches, the quest for that perfect Christmas gift begins. This year, why not enchant your loved ones with the timeless gift of art? Our exclusive Christmas gift guide is designed to help you navigate through a curated selection of extraordinary artworks from renowned artists such as The Connor Brothers, Alastair Gibson, Christian Hook, Tom Butler, Danielle O'Connor Akiyama and Fabian Perez. Whatever your budget, our guide offers a diverse range of stunning pieces that promise to leave a lasting impression. Let us help you discover a gift that not only captures the essence of this festive season but also holds an enduring value and charm.


Gifts Under £1000:


Alastair Gibson – 2023 RedBull Max Verstappen Baby Piranha Sculpture £585.00

Directly inspired by the 2023 Red Bull Racing Formula One Grand Prix car, this piece is a compact rendition of the 'Racing Piranha 2,' a sculpture originally commissioned by renowned F1 driver Rubens Barrichello in 2007. The artwork brilliantly encapsulates the fierce and streamlined essence of the Red Bellied Piranha. Incorporating select parts from contemporary Grand Prix cars, Gibson brings a touch of authentic racing spirit and technological prowess.


Tom Butler – Rush Showers £495.00 

This enchanting mixed media piece captures the ephemeral beauty and dynamic energy of a bustling cityscape amidst a downpour. With his distinctive collage technique and a keen eye for detail, Butler brings to life the vibrant interaction of light and shadow, creating a scene that is both strikingly realistic and poetically abstract


Gifts Under £2000: 


The Connor Brothers – Call Me Anything But Ordinary £1,995.00

A vivid testament to their signature style, this artwork blends vintage aesthetics with contemporary wit and commentary. With its striking imagery and provocative text, this piece invites viewers into a thought-provoking dialogue about identity and individuality, encapsulating the duo's knack for challenging conventions and societal norms.


Fabian Perez – At the Four Seasons I £1,795.00

A mesmerising portrayal of elegance and ambiance, At The Four Seasons I captures a moment of serene contemplation in a luxurious setting. Perez's skilful use of light and shadow, combined with his expressive brushstrokes, creates a vivid, almost tangible atmosphere, inviting the viewer to step into a world of refined tranquillity and introspective beauty


Gifts Under £3000:


Christian Hook – The Kiss £2,500.00

'The Kiss' pays a contemporary homage to Gustav Klimt's iconic masterpiece, reinterpreting its romantic symbolism with a modern twist. Hook's rendition captures the same intimate embrace and emotional depth as Klimt's original, but with fluid, dynamic brushstrokes and a vibrant colour palette that breathes new life into this timeless expression of love and connection.


Danielle O’Connor Akiyama – The Golden Reach £2,250.00

Danielle O'Connor Akiyama's 'The Golden Reach' triptych is a breath-taking display of her signature fusion of East and West artistic influences, portraying a harmonious blend of nature, light, and colour. This stunning triptych features delicate floral imagery, set against a backdrop of radiant gold, symbolising the reach for enlightenment and beauty in its most sublime form.


As we wrap up this guide, we hope to have inspired you with ideas that will bring joy and beauty to your holiday celebrations. Art is a gift that resonates with the soul and embellishes life's canvas with colours of joy and meaning. Pop into our gallery and explore these magnificent works in person. Our team is ready to assist you in finding that perfect piece that captures the heart and imagination of your loved ones.

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