Celebrating the Life's Work by Antonio Russo (1965-2022)

Celebrating the Life's Work by Antonio Russo (1965-2022)

The gallery is proud to present the unseen final collections of Antonio Russo. His vibrant, music inspired works received critical acclaim before he moved into his street-art inspired guise of 'Stony'. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2019 and sadly passed away in June 2022 but his art and legacy still live on.

The Life of Antonio Russo


Antonio Russo grew up drumming in bands. Enjoying a successful career as a music producer working with many of the big names, from Pink to Kanye West.


He describes his work as abstract expressionism. Expressing his mood and emotions through the act of applying paint to the canvas in response to pieces of music. Diagnosed with autism, ADHD and dyslexia, art was a way for Antonio to truly express himself and his individuality.

Early Life of Antonio Russo

Born in England in 1965, with both his parents were Sicilian. He went back to Sicily and spent his early years living in a town called Ribera, Southern Sicily. He moved back to the UK with his sister when he was 12, not being able to speak the language. Struggling at school, being heavily dyslexic, and also facing bullying for many years.

Coming to England

His Father, Antonino Russo, was a Sicilian orphan that came to England on a sail boat when he was 14 to find work. He came with only the clothes on his back.

Italian Del Boy

After many years of hard work, his Dad was a very successful business man. Owning his own restaurant chain and being one of the biggest fruit and veg importers in Europe. Running this alongside many other businesses. Often referred to as the ‘Italian Del Boy’.

Motivation and Inspiration

Antonio, gained inspiration from watching his dad create a great and successful business empire from nothing. Using this insight for further motivation and inspiration. As well as a lot of drive and determination from facing bullying at school.

Racing Life 

As well as successful music and art career, Antonio was also a keen racer. At the age of 16 he was racing carts. At 18 he was racing cars in ‘Formula Ford’. By 21 he was racing cars in ‘Formula Three’ with names like Damon Hill, Eddie Irvine, Johnny Herbert, Mark Blundell, and Paul Warwick.

End of His Racing Career

His racing career came to an immediate stop when he was 23. A huge accident left him in a coma and with severe back injury, unable to race again.

Life After Racing

Russo did the only thing he knew how, after watching his Father for many years- he opened a restaurant. By the time he was 26 he had a chain of 8 restaurants up and down the country.


When he was 28 he declared bankruptcy and went back to work in one of his owns restaurants, which he had sold, as a pot wash. He then worked again from the bottom exploring other business ideas, such as a leather business and importing foods.


He opened a restaurant when his Son Oscar was 6 months old and named it Oscars. Oscar is now an established Italian Restaurant with 25 successful years behind it.

Artistic Passion 

Being an artistic person, he has always been painting, drawing and creating music. Signing with the Production Company, Sony BMG under his own house label ‘Loony Records’. He worked with names such as Usher, Kanye West and Eliza Doolittle.

Garden of Delights, Antonio Russo, Limited Edition, 48" x 34" Inches.

Music Life

Music has been a large part of his livelihood and art, largely working on intuition to achieve “pure form”. The complex and dynamic nature of Russo's art connects with his audiences. They often voice that their experiences and connection to his pieces change time and time again with every visit. While his pieces sing with colour, he himself is colour blind.

Celebrating Individuality 

In a world that often seeks compliance, Antonio Russo’s story celebrates individuality. He began as an artist in a small town despite learning differences. Now, he is renowned as an urban artist and philanthropist, emphasising the importance of embracing different opinions and perspectives.


Alongside his music-inspired art, Russo developed his artistic alias 'Stony'. Stony became a bigger part of his life after his brain tumour diagnosis in 2019. Using this alias as a way to question and come to terms with his illness, life and mortality. He used darker colour palettes, street art and Basquiat as inspiration. 

This is Glory, Stony, Limited Edition on Canvas, 64" x 64" Inches.

His Illness

After his Glioblastoma Grade 4 Brain Tumour diagnosis, he underwent 2 surgeries, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy. Also participating in a clinical trial and had Avastin treatment alongside chemotherapy.

Charity Support 

During this time he raised money for The Brain Tumour Charity. A charity very close to him since his dad passed away from the same type of Brain Tumour in 2007.

Another charity special to him and that he has raised money for is Mind Charity. During the pandemic, he raised money for the NHS.

Life After Antonio

Since passing away, his family have carried on his legacy. Supporting and raising just under £100,000 for The Brain Tumour Charity and The Hospice Of St Francis. This is the hospice that helped them care for Antonio when he was sick.

Impact of Illness on His Art

Viewing his later artwork today, you can see the massive influence of his illness, positively and negatively. But reading his paintings, you can see that he puts his whole life on the canvas, in all aspects. You get a piece of history, a piece of someone’s life.

Gangster Rats, STONY, Original Mixed Media on Artist Paper, 23" x 33" Inches.

Antonio Russo Accolades

Antonio collected many awards and accolades throughout his career:

  • 'Best New Artist 2014' by the Fine Art Trade Guild
  • 'Best Selling Published Artist 2016' by the Fine Art Trade Guild.
  • 'The Effetto Arte' Award 2014 by the Venice Biennale
  • ‘The Leone Dei Dogi’ Award 2015 by the Venice Biennale
  • International Prize Caravaggio 'Great Master of Art' 2018 award in Milan
  • ‘International Artist of the year’ 2020, by the Biennale Dei Normanni, Palermo, Sicily.


Sharp Ends and Real Faces, STONY, Limited Edition on Paper, 23" x 33" Inches Framed.

Investing in Antonio Russo's Art

In the last 2 years since Antonio's passing, we have seen a 30-40% increase in his pricing. If you are interested in investment opportunities we recommend visiting the gallery to discuss further.

Find Antonio's Works of Art

Here at Studio 74 we are proud to showcase the work of Antonio Russo. Displaying his emotions and feelings throughout his work on the canvas. Find information on Glioblastoma here and view Antonio's work here.

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