How to Hang an Expensive Painting

How to Hang an Expensive Painting

Hanging art is something which can feel daunting at first, especially if you’re hanging expensive art, and comes with many questions. Will one nail be supportive enough? Can I use those adhesive wall hooks? How high shall I place it? 

You are not the only one with questions and of course, it is something you want to get just right. Within this blog article we hope to be able to answer these questions and help you hang your artworks.

Step One - Getting Started

Firstly, we recommend hanging art with at least two people. Depending on the size and weight it can take up to three. 

Positioning Your Artwork

You want to start by finding the right position to hang your art, this would involve someone holding up the artwork in place, with the second person looking for the right height and position. Then swap until you are sure with the place of where your artwork is going to be hung. This will be unique and depending on an individual’s height can differ but find the medium and you’ll be fine!

Step Two - Measuring Your Wall

Secondly, measure from the top of the wall the art is to hang on to the top of the painting. Then place your painting on the floor gently and pull the string or wire on the back. Once the string is pulled to its maximum, measure from its highest point to the top of the artwork.Add these two lengths together and this will give you the height in which you are to drill. 

Finding the Centre of Your Space

You now have the height of where you need to drill, you now need to find the centre of your space.
For example if you are hanging above a sofa, bed or any piece of furniture measure the length and hang your artwork to the centre of that furniture measurement. 

If you have a long wall, but you have a door for example that always sits open, in this case you would measure the wall from where the door finishes and create a centre to the wall that is visible.

Which Nails To Use When Hanging Your Paintings

You can use this method for all artworks, however for heavy or very long works of art use two nails.

We also recommend using a nail with a substantial head size, so the string has a decent place to sit on. Please always pull on the nail and make sure it is strong in the wall.

No matter the price of your art this is the best way to ensure you’re happy with the position for your piece.

How to Hang Expensive Art

If you choose to hang your investment artworks and are worried about its security you can place brackets, however in a domestic environment this is something which wouldn’t be necessary. If your expensive artworks are hung in the right areas of your home, where you feel comfortable, they will not be knocked. With the correct height and position this will give your expensive work of art all the justice it needs.

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