Introducing Christian Hook

Introducing Christian Hook

This March Studio 74 proudly presents the phenomenal and acclaimed collections by Christian Hook.

Hook has received numerous accolades over the course of his career thus far, from being awarded Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year to having a permanent installation of his collections at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.


Hook is fascinated with the ephemeral and cosmic wonders of our existence, and this is reflected throughout his figurative expressionist artwork. He portrays experiences and perceptions of time, space, embodiment and emotional connection, capturing the intangible aspects of interpersonal relating and love.  

"I think art is trying to find a poetic expression to resolve a problem, issue or idea in a non-literal way"

Hook’s collection ‘Painting The Invisible’ surrounds a foundational scientific approach using the analysis of brain waves, synesthesia, and thermal imaging to provide a structure to the questioning: the relativity of the human condition. 

A key element of Hook's work is the depiction of the passing of time and moments between events, as

 "We are always on the move, if not physically, mentally".

He mixes realism, abstraction and the concept of the essence of time with the inspiration of African and Iberian Art, Surrealism and Expressionism.

His expert brushstrokes are layered decisively, presenting a flurry of time and movement creating an abstract ease, bringing his subjects to life.


Christian Hook’s recognition within the art industry sits as a demonstration of his exceptional talent and contribution to the world of contemporary art.
One of his many remarkable achievements is receiving the title of Sky Arts Portrait Artist of the Year in the UK in 2014. As his work makes international headway, his portrait of Alan Cumming, featured in the permanent collection of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery emphasises his cultural relevance, alongside the ‘Freedom of the City Gibraltar' award standing testament to his artistic merit.

Christian Hook's portrait of Alan Cumming, titled 'Honey Jar,' was selected by Lord Leighton as one of the 100 masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland. 

  • Winner of Sky arts Portrait Artist Of The Year- Uk
  • Portrait of Alan Cumming (2014) in Scottish National Portrait Gallery Permanent Collection
  • Awarded 'Freedom of the city Gibraltar'
  • 2 Hour Live painting of Kristin Scott Thomas for cover of The Financial Times
  • 2 Hour Live painting of the Maharaja of Jodhpur- India
  • 'Honey Jar'- Portrait of Alan Cumming selected by Lord Leighton as one of the 100 masterpieces from the National Galleries of Scotland
Investment Information

    In 2012, the average price of an original Christian Hook oil painting was £3,000. They now fetch up to £350,000.

    Highest Original Painting price achieved

    Total value of Original Paintings sold

    Hook's artwork has also experienced great success at auction, in May 2023 his small original oil painting 'Arabian Horse' sold for $106,250 (inc. fees) at Artsy's Post-War and Contemporary Art auction, well exceeding its original estimate of $50,000-70,000.

    Following Hook’s work exists as a great privilege, renowned with the interests of the art industry largely reflected in his sales value over the last decade. As abstract art remains timeless through its non-representative quality, Hook’s work stands firmly as a lucrative investment opportunity.

    For investors looking to broaden their investment portfolios and safeguard against fluctuations in the market, acquiring pieces from promising artists such as Christian Hook offer a tangible asset with the potential of long-term returns.

    At Studio 74, we prioritise the emotional connection you forge with your artworks. While financial investments hold their importance, building your own art collection is a personal feat. Please feel free to speak to our gallery team and learn about the wonderful scope surrounding Christian's evolving work.

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