Studio 74's Summer Romance

Studio 74's Summer Romance

Celebrating Studio 74’s first summer, our latest exhibition delves into our love affair with art. 'Studio 74's Summer Romance' celebrates the genres we truly adore, from captivating street art to the ethereal abstracts and beyond.

Summer of Street Art

The streets have always been a canvas for expression, and street art is the heartbeat of urban culture. From the thought-provoking stencils to the colourful sculpture, renowned street artists are able to carry powerful messages in their work that sparks conversations.

Street art encapsulates the spirit of rebellion, breaking free from conventional artistic norms to create visually arresting masterpieces that redefine the boundaries of creativity. 

Explore: Yuvi, Mr. Brainwash, Uri Dushy, Bram Reijnders

Abstract Art: Where Emotions Run Free

In the realm of abstract art, emotions take centre stage. Let your imagination wander as you explore the captivating world of abstract art as part of our summer exhibition. 

A symphony of colours, shapes, and lines, woven together to evoke emotions and reflections unique to each observer. Each piece is an expression of thoughts and feelings captured through bold brushstrokes, inviting you to delve into the depths of your own emotions and interpretations.

Delve into Abstract Artists - Simon Kenny, Danielle O’Connor Akiyama, Alison Britton-Paterson, Russo

Figurative Art: Love of humanity

Figurative art pays homage to the human form, immortalising its grace and beauty on canvas. Celebrate the human spirit with figurative artworks that capture the essence of life and love. From portraits that evoke emotion to graceful depictions of movement and dance, figurative art brings the human experience to life.

Encounter figurative art that celebrates love, passion, and the human connection. Each brushstroke reveals the artist's admiration for the human form, creating a captivating dialogue between art and everyday life.

Fall in love with: Fabian Perez, Gank Pansuay, Troika, Craig Alan, Matt Herring

Sea & Landscapes: Nature's Symphony of Colours

Step into a world of natural beauty with sea & landscapes that transport you to enchanting vistas and picturesque panoramas. Features landscapes that capture nature's ever-changing beauty, to majestic mountains and serene seascapes.

Transported to a far-off place and evoking a sense of wanderlust, each landscape is a testament to the artist's keen eye for detail, skillfully rendering nature's symphony of colours onto canvas.

Step into another place: Philip Gray, Anna Gammans, Nick Holdsworth, Antonio Sannino, John Waterhouse

Delve into Studio 74’s Summer Romance 

Join us in the gallery throughout August where Studio 74 presents the works of art we have fallen for this summer. 

Our summer exhibition at Studio 74 promises a captivating and diverse experience that celebrates the genres of art we truly adore. Experience the beauty of each genre and allow art to embrace your heart in a warm summer embrace.

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