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Doug Hyde produces work based around his love for his family, his unfailing optimism and his sheer enthusiasm for life. Each collection and piece is like a personal diary for Doug. Created from his daily experiences and his emotional response, of daily life.

Doug’s intention is to provoke a positive response in others. This aim can be seen not only by the huge impact his work has made on the Art scene. Particularly the British and international art scene.

He also raises money through his artwork for many important charities. These include ‘Families for Children’ , ‘Look Good…Feel Better’ and ‘Children in Need’.

Investing in Doug Hyde

Historically seen up to 50% increase value year on year. Please contact the gallery for details.


Winner: Best Selling Published Artist at the Fine Art Trade Guild Awards 2005. "The most popular living artist in the UK" BBC TV National News.

In 2005, he was named as the UK’s best selling published artist. Described as the UK’s most popular living artist on a BBC TV national news broadcast.

His celebrity collectors include England Manager Roy Hodgson, golfer Rory McIlroy and British movie star Emily Blunt. Doug has been the subject of no less than five fabulous books. His popularity and profile has increased both at home and abroad. HE has recently returned from a sell-out tour in Japan.

Doug's Biography

Doug has been a published artist for over 20 years and he still has the same dedication to art as he did all those years back. The passion and love for the process of creating art is still the reason for his creations. His desire to create artwork can be for many reasons, for serious matters, for helping others or sometimes just because it's fun. He has a firm belief that whatever you do, you should do for the love of it and to be proud of it.

Early Life

Born in Bristol in the 1970s, Doug became aware of his talent for art at an early stage. This artistic talent and the passion he felt towards art gave him no doubt in his career path. As a professional contemporary artist, he produces distinct artwork creating a unique impact on the observer.

First Collections

His first collection was published in February 2003 and was the first step into his journey which has so far span 20 years. Throughout this time he has gained a confidence and belief within himself that allows him to follow his artistic instincts. Giving him a sense of freedom to create what he loves and gives him an excitement for the future of his work.


As we've mentioned, Doug is an extremely popular artists and he has stated 'my collectors are the reason why I have been able to make a living from doing this for so long. I am hugely grateful for this'. He creates a connection between his work and his audience through a sense of style, technique, humour and sense of fun.


Doug's work looks to inspire people with the importance of love, friendship and security. However, this is not just in the art he produces, he uses his base to increase awareness and funding for worthy charitable causes. Over his 20 year career his has donated many original artworks for auction and uses the money raised for charity.

“As an artist you are sometimes told that your art has touched someone’s life and this is a lovely thing to hear. But to see practical evidence that my work can be used to benefit a fantastic cause is something very special!”

Whats To Come?

The level of nostalgia, amusement, affection and pride Doug feels for his art and the career he has had helps guide his future work. The future of his work changes and develops through inspiration from his collectors, new environments and from his personal experiences. The idea of the future fills Doug with excitement and is looking bright.

Doug Hyde Art

If you're interested in Doug Hyde's latest collections, Doug Hyde prints or his sculptures, view our collection below. For more help contact one of our Art Consultants here.

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