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Investing in art is an exciting way to grow your money and with the pleasure of owning artworks. Investing in art is something which has gone on for decades and has proven to be extremely profitable, outperforming the S&P500 for years on end. In fact, blue chip art has beaten the S&P500by over 250%.

Art is a part of its own unique market, this is what makes it so attractive to the investor, as it will not fluctuate with the likes of the financial market.

Historically, original artworks will create a bigger return on re sale than limited editions.
However, some of our select top artists are wildly in demand and their limited editions will increase in value over time.
The average return on artwork has consistently returned at least 7.6% to investors and outperformed the stock market in 2018. According to a 2020 report by Art Basel and UBS, the art market is now worth $64.1 billion

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Our investment services

We offer all of our clients complimentary consultations, working directly with your needs to create a successful art investment portfolio, tailored to you. You will have your own personal art advisor who you will be there to help guide you and answer any questions you may have. They will keep you up to date with the current trends in our industry which are relevant to your needs.
Studio 74 is always stepping forward with the rapid development of the arts industry especially, as it develops into an exciting digital age with NFTS and this just shows the progression and forward thinking of the industry, and it will soon become a
lifeline in our modern world.
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