Truth or Dare? The New Collection from The Connor Brothers

Truth or Dare? The New Collection from The Connor Brothers

Truth or Dare? is a captivating new collection from The Connor Brothers. Skillfully blending nostalgic homage and witty pastiche. Inspired by 1950s pulp fiction book covers, these artworks make an ironic statement about art, literature, and liberation.

With seven titles to choose from, each piece guarantees to spark conversations with their amusing, deadpan, or even outrageous assertions. Explore a variety of stylish formats, colors, and sizes to find the perfect fit for your unique taste.

The Connor Brothers Latest Collection

Each silkscreen edition is carefully framed in classic wood frame and glass front.

When God Made Man

The quote in this work is from the feminist author and LGBT activist Rita Mae Brown. A common theme in The Connor Brothers' work, it is about rethinking traditions and prejudices and challenging different narratives. In this instance they are suggesting that God was a woman, exploring truth versus fiction.

Be Yourself

'Be yourself, everyone else is taken' is a profound quote by Oscar Wilde. It holds a special place in the hearts of The Connor Brothers.

This Connor Brothers artwork boldly encourages us to embrace our true selves. While there is a bittersweet tale behind it, involving the renowned Oscar Wilde. The image captures attention with its striking beauty, reminding us to stay true to who we are.

The Connor Brothers have skillfully woven a narrative that combines empowerment, acceptance, and the importance of embracing our individuality. Let this piece inspire us to celebrate our uniqueness and live authentically.

Show Me An Ex

‘Show me an Ex and I’ll show you a why’. This is a clever play on words and is an original Connor Brothers quotation. There is an ambiguity here as we are not sure who that central figure is. You are being invited to see things in a different way and to consider both sides of the same story.

My Relationship with Whiskey

'My relationship with Whiskey is on the Rocks' - this quote is from a whiskey tasting book. This is also quite a dark theme cloaked in humour. Again, this is classic Connor Brothers. You are grappling with the narrative of humour vs addiction.

The power of language and metaphor in this piece is also worth noting. They have spelt Whiskey with an ‘e’ which is traditionally brewed in Ireland and the USA. This could be a subtle nod to their own American back story. When they were living with the cult and living a nomadic existence. 

Right and Wrong

'I understand the difference between right and wrong, I just prefer wrong'- is an original Connor Brothers quotation.

The artwork challenges what is right and what is wrong, morality vs vice. The Connor Brothers invite you to challenge your preconceptions. Identify what you believe is the truth and challenge it and dare to do something different.

They have used a classic femme fatale figure and the rejection of tradition. You can see this in The Connor Brothers work time and time again.

Desperate Times

‘Desperate Times call for desperate measures’  This quote goes way back to Hippocrates- The Father of Medicine. It is about taking matters into your own hands. Daring to be different and think about the way we act in our ideas and conventions. 

I'd Be A Beautiful Fiction

We link this back to the golden theme of truth vs fiction shown here in very plain English. You have notions of beauty, being unremarkable and beauty vs something which is boring. All of these themes are a true representation of the Connor Brothers. The original of this piece featured in the show ‘Hot off the press‘ in collaboration with Bonhams back in April and sold at Auction for a substantial figure. All of the proceeds from the sales of the artwork went to The Teenage Cancer Trust. The Connor Brothers do a lot of charity work and highlight causes which are close to their hearts.

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